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    "Tennis in Schools"    and   "Tennis in the square"

    "Tennis in Schools" is one of the major projects subsidized by ITF ( International Tennis Federation) . This project's aim  is  to spread tennis in  K-12 schools.

  This is a worldwide project, but in Albania it is becoming very important and it is entering the daily agenda of the Federation thanks to the crucial help of ITF, and especially Mr.Luca Santilli, responsible of the development of tennis in Albania. In the end of October the Ministry of Education in Tirana approved this project.

   This project will bring tennis to a restricted number of schools in Albania. In the beginning there will be only few schools in Tirana to participate, but we hope to enlarge this project. The first schools where this project will take place are the "Galileo Private Institute" and the "English school".  Fatos Nallbani will manage this project, and he himself will go te teach tennis in these schools. 

For more information about this project please contact Mr.Fatos Nallbani at enal@inima.al .

   Tennis in the square

   "Tennis in the square" is a project which aims to spread tennis in the main Albanian cities.

    This project, an idea of coach Fatos Nallbani and Penar Musaraj, will send the best Albanian tennis players, in the main square of the biggest cities of Albania. They will teach some basic tennis (most probably mini-tennis)  to children in order to tell them something about tennis, but also te entertain them. The aim of the project is to leave some tennis equipment te the local sports clubs in order to open some mini-tennis courts, but only for children. We have talked with a club in Kukes and in Shkodra, which will be the first two cities to open this project. This project will begin in May (around 20 May), and the first city will be the city of Kukes. We hope to extend this project in Kosova also.

     For more information contact us at musaraj@albinfo.com .

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