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Veteran Tennis in Albania has been and it is still very developped. This development is due to the circumstances of the previous years. Tennis is played in Albania since 1935. During the communist regime, tennis was prohibited but some courageous people continued to play tennis. Since they couldn't teach the young generations, they continued to play tennis themselves. That's why in 1995 the National Champion overall was Kadri Arapi, 45 years old.

  Veterans have also teached the upcoming generations of players, and their job is fantastic. Their work will be remembered forever and the next generations of tennis players in Albania will be proud of their predescenants.

  Veteran Albanian Tennis players are the only ones who kept alive tennis in Albania, and this website is dedicated to them. These people are: Perlat Voshtina, Perlat Llazani, Kadri Arapi, Luan Kellici, Agron Xoxe, Harallamb Prifti and many more. 



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