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Quiz 1 -  Photo Quiz

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Which tennis player is in these two photos ?      Cili tenist/e eshte ne keto fotografi ?


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What about these pictures ?        Po ne keto fotografi kush eshte ?

If you are right, you will win 10 "Penn" quality tennis balls. Submit your answers and see other winners.

Ai qe i gjen sakte, fiton 10 topa tenisi "Penn" . Kliko ketu.


Question Quiz


Who were the winners of the 99 French Open  ?
(Name and Surname, Nationality, male and female)

WIN 2 weeks of training near the "Tirana Tennis School" , only for 8-9 year old children. Click here.

Kush fitoi Roland Garrosin e vitit 1999 ?
(Emer, mbiemer, kombesia, meshkuj dhe femra)

Fitoni 2 jave stervitje prane shkolles se tenisit "Tirana" per , vetem per femije te moshes 8-9 vje.   Kliko ketu.



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